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Building MAI with our ambassadors

How it works

Visit our ambassadors' Instagram to get 15% off.

This is how it works

MAI has selected some fantastic ambassadors to help build the brand. Visit them on Instagram above to get your code!

It is only through these ambassadors customers can access the MAI bottle get an the exclusive 15% discount instead of the original price of 449 SEK for this top-quality design accessory. These codes can be found on any of our listed ambassador’s Instagram profiles and on their pictures of the MAI bottle. Then simply use the code when checking out from MAI Stockholm’s website to receive your discount.

Step by step:

  1. Visit an ambassador’s instagram profile
  2. Find and copy the code
  3. Visit MAI Stockholm’s website and add the desired number of bottles to your cart/basket
  4. Press check out
  5. Enter your ambassador code (notice the price is reduced)
  6. Enter your details and complete the purchase
  7. Enjoy your brand new design bottle from MAI Stockholm

Do you already have a code? Just add the desired number of bottles to your cart/basket and apply the code in checkout.

Ambassadors of MAI

An ambassador for MAI Stockholm possesses:

  • An iconic style - A demonstrated sense of style and design, eager to influence on a daily basis.
  • Pure values - Common values as those of MAI Stockholm - sustainability, elegance and quality.
  • A habit of leadership - Evidence of engaged and loyal followers.


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