Brand story

Our purpose
MAI was born with the ambition to transform your daily bottle into a fashion icon, a way for you to give your elegance the final touch. Our core values shine through in everything we do, delivering pure design into your everyday, enabling your fashion forward life. 

Designed in Sweden
The MAI bottle is designed in Stockholm, Sweden, in the sweet spot where design meets fashionistas, to enable forward thinking people to use their water bottle as an extension of their image, their style. MAI symbolizes simple elegance and vibrant color contrasts, expressed in the clean and fun design.

The MAI bottle is the accessory created to bring everywhere – another sign of your fashion forward style and sense of design. Something you proudly can call, MAI bottle.

When quality meets design
Only the best is good enough for you, that is why we have used food grade Stainless Steel 304 to produce The MAI bottle. Made in this fashion, the bottle will not emit any toxic particles and, in contrast to plastic and aluminum, reduce its environmental impact. If that wasn’t enough, the MAI bottle is designed in double wall, enabling the bottle to keep your water cold for up to 12 hours.

We believe that design and function can co-exist while optimizing reduction of environmental impact.

Making the world a better place
Being a part of MAI’s journey is more than being fashion forward and design aware, It's about taking steps to prevent global warming.

Use less plastic, stay fantastic!